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Boutique Video Production Company: Bringing Vision To Life!

Boutique Video Production Company

Living Colors is a creative boutique video production company with a track record of making award-winning projects for our happy clients. We have been recognized with a global footprint, specializing in stories with a sense of purpose. 

We love all stories of brands and businesses, big and small, as every story has an important message to deliver to its audience! Intending to bring your vision to life, we specialize in narrative-driven, people-centric video content for a tailored boutique experience that can easily grab attention. 

Whatever the size and complexity of your project, contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Video Production Services

We are creative, dedicated, and expert boutique video producers offering many video production services under one roof.

Web Videos 

We produce web videos that our clients can use on their social media pages or websites.

Branding Videos 

To target the core audience for your business, short, authentic, and engaging branding videos are an effective solution.

Corporate Videos 

We have talent resources that can produce excellent corporate videos that can draw attention at a glance.

Animated Videos

It’s a new way to communicate your brand to the world. Our top service conveys the message compellingly to your target audience.

Commercial Spots

Hitting your message to your target audience in just 30 to 60 seconds may seem daunting!

Rest assured, as it’s our specialty to find the best way for your commercial advertising.

Why Do We Take pride in being the best?

When it comes to producing high-end video production services, we approach each project with the utmost passion, care, and professionalism; We stand out as the top choice for brands or businesses.

Richest Video Production Experience And Expertise

With years of experience, we have built a reputation for producing high-quality, impactful, and creative videos for different sectors of clients.

A Team Of 30+ Skilled Personnel

We have more than 30 skilled and expert personnel, especially for video creation who are dedicated to making every client’s story into a successful visualization.

Regular Global Clients

We are recognized worldwide by clients of various brands and industries.

Successful Large-Scale Production

We have completed a large scale of video production, including web videos, branding videos, corporate videos, animated videos, and commercial spots.

Ultimate Customer Support

We are always there for you, 24/7 ultimate 24/7 support regarding any queries or any project for your brand and business.

Our Unique Features That Matter

Our Unique Features That Matter

We offer every feature that meets the customers’ needs, which ultimately sets us apart from our competitors.

Around-The-Clock Processing

We’re at your service every day and night, 24/7 with a nonstop video production process.

Effective Time Management

Time is crucial, as are deadlines. We have the expertise to meet deadlines with consistency in quality.

Fastest Response Time

Even if you have a pinch of time, you never need to worry! We usually respond to you as soon as we hear from you.

Free Trial

We are true to our work. That’s why, we offer free trials so that you can see the quality and pricing for yourself.

Why Is It So Beneficial To Choose A Boutique Video Production Company?

When you work with a company, they will offer you a whole host of benefits, beyond your expectations. Whether you are looking to produce videos for your brand or business, it is better in many aspects than large production companies.

Only One Production Company to Deal With

Above all, it is the biggest benefit of working with a small video production company, as you have essentially one butt to kick.

When you work with one, the producer can have a better handle on all aspects of your project and can prioritize your work, which is not possible when working with large ones.

Flexibility in Work

As the company can handle all aspects of your project, their experience clearly means they also have the best ability to adapt to your requirements. Of course, it all depends on the company you choose.

Affordable Budget

As a rule of thumb, working with a boutique video production company is much more affordable than working with a large and costly one.

Yet they can thrive off limitations in all aspects, and you will be surprised to work with them.


The video production company is all about creativity, perhaps that’s the reason they get into the production for your brand or business. By exploring their creative ideas, they can engage your work in a lot of creative processes.

Closer Relationship

As stated above, you have only one company to deal with, which means you are likely to be able to create a great bond relating to your work.

You can speak freely, have improved communication, and ultimately have great production.

Why Do You Need To Choose Us For Your Business Or Brand?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, videos are the most powerful way to promote businesses or brands.

So, when you can correlate the below signs, that indicates you need a video production company!

To Raise Awareness About Your Brand

You know, in today’s cut-throat consumer-driven market, just the higher quality of the product is not sufficient to make an online business successful.

So, where the competition is very high, and you need to avoid your brand being invisible, it’s a must to create awareness.

Video production is the most powerful way to create awareness.

To Increase Traffic to Your Website

When you want to get the most out of your brand’s website, the well-kept secret is to increase traffic. Obviously, it feels easier said than done!

However, videos make the task very easy, as a website is 53 times more likely to rank if it incorporates videos.

To Produce Quality Video Contents

No doubt, when you plan to make a video for your brand, it must be of high quality. So, you need to choose a company for higher quality, well-thought-out video content. It’s also true when you don’t have in-house video production resources,

To Increase Understanding

In a consumer-driven market, customers have multiple options, and any obstacle makes them lose attention.

That is why, the brand requires that the purchasing process be as easy as possible.

As the video producer can increase the audience’s understanding through videos, the best you can achieve is through the video production company.

How Long Does A Project Take?

It’s literally a great question, but difficult to answer without a complete vision of your goals.

You know, it all depends on the complexity and size of the project. The video production process takes time, as you may want to give the story its due.

As a rough idea, a mid-range 3-minute video can take 2 to 3 weeks, whereas a good 3 to 5 video can take a month.

Yet we work closely with the clients to make sure we can meet the deadlines.

Process Of Creating Video: Making Video Content A Breeze

Here is an idea of how our video production company works. Although the work process is flexible according to the complexity of the work, it is a good way to know how we tend to work.


First, we find out our clients’ ideas, goals, and thoughts about the video content.

Depending on the ideas of the clients, we come up with a concept and show off their company.

Once they like what we are suggesting, the initial go-ahead is approved.


Now we go ahead with producing the video content based on the concept of visualizing your story.

The duration of the stage depends on the size of your project.

Post Production

The post-production phase may go through different stages, including

  • Organize and catalog
  • Begin rough cuts
  • Reviews 
  • Review rough cut
  • Final cut

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

The cost of production from a boutique video production company is very reasonable and competitive in the field. You know that video making and editing are tailored to your needs.

So, it is not possible to give a blanket answer to the query of the exact cost of making video content for a brand or business.

When you have a healthy budget of about $3000 to $5000 [just for a rough estimation] with a relatively good and complex video concept in mind, a creative boutique company can be the right choice.

But for an accurate estimation of the cost, the best bet is to get in touch with us.

You just need to tell us a few details about your project, and we will then offer a custom quote to you!