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Privacy Policy - The Living Colors Studio

Living Colors provides zero tolerance for contact information sharing. We do not provide your contact information to any parties other than those we use.


Our highest priority is protecting the image copyright of our clients or their clients. We will not share, provide, or use images of our customers. We have a strong monitoring system to identify Copyright theft for our customers.


We have a protection system against hackers and use secured servers for file transfer. We also block search engine bots from crawling resources from our private servers.


As a large-scale clipping path service provider, we strongly believe in teamwork, which ensures the highest level of quality, scale, and growth.


Outsourcing ensures the quality of life for those who outsource jobs to us. We are always aware of this fact and strive to provide hands-free and worry-free outsourcing solutions for image editing. Being based in one of the best countries with cheap labor, we also ensure the quality of living standards in our industry.


Like other Western offices, we operate a paperless office. Most of our work-stations are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We also practice the reduction of waste and recycling.


We comply with most of the debating issues related to Business Process Outsourcing. We are starting from employee wages to environmental concerns. We are also strongly against child labor.


We are firm believers in Dr. Yunus's Social Business concept, which was initiated by the Nobel Peace Laureate from Bangladesh, Dr. Yunus. Colors was established with the objective of social business. It was initiated to utilize the existing industry professionals to better market and help highly skilled graphic designers work in a better environment and improve their livelihood.