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Clipping Path Services

Hand-Drawn Clipping Path That Makes a Difference

Sell stories, not backgrounds. Let our clipping artistry turn your images into powerful product narratives.

Starting at $0.39 Per Image

Leave Your Project To Us and Relax

Don't settle for generic. We turn each curve, each edge breathtaking.

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Experience a New Breed of Human Creatives!

Don’t fall for the average Ctrl+X.  While AI can give you ‘somewhat’ of a good image, it still is not enough to bring money to the table. 

If you want images that look professional and bear a symbol of artistic craftsmanship, you need years of experience, creativity, and brainwork PUT TOGETHER. 

After all, it’s ART you’re talking about; something humans are better at.

Order Your First 3 Edits- It’s On the House!

Consider this a welcoming gift – We won’t ask you about your Credit Card.

Highlight Your Images with Expert Clipping Path Services

Unlock the full potential of your photos with our professional clipping path services. Whether it's for e-commerce, product catalogs, or marketing materials, our detailed image clipping process ensures that every picture looks crisp and focused. By removing distracting backgrounds and emphasizing your main subject, we help your visuals shine and capture attention.

Precision Object Isolation and Multi Path Techniques

Obtain the clarity and impact of your images with our object isolation and multi path services. We meticulously separate the desired elements from the rest of the photo, allowing for detailed edits and adaptations. This technique is perfect for complex images where precision is crucial, such as in technical illustrations, complex product shots, and creative compositions.

Photo Cut Out and Object Outlining for Clearer Visuals

Make your images pop with our photo cut out and object outlining services. Ideal for professional portfolios, online stores, and promotional content, this service highlights the essential parts of your images by trimming away the excess. Our skilled editors ensure that every cut is clean and every outline is precise, enhancing the overall presentation and effectiveness of your visuals.

Magic Happens in 3 Steps

You gotta create an Account, Upload Images, Choose Your Editing Needs, Relax!


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Kickstart your journey by registering to access our free trial. Provide instructions via the form to begin seamlessly.

Upload Images

Following registration, effortlessly upload your images for editing. We'll transform them according to your instructions promptly.

Choose Service

Opt for your desired editing options. Upon satisfaction, proceed to payment to complete the process seamlessly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Answers to Common Queries about Our Services.

Yes. We use Photoshop and pen tools for deep etching. First, we create a path around the object and refine it. Then, we remove all the background.

Yes. Our personnel will sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that your images won’t go outside the workplace. Moreover, we protect all the equipment with a strong firewall.

It doesn’t matter whether you order just 1 image or 1000. We can do either. However, we charge $0.39 per image.

We take every charge in advance. However, we can make some changes to the discussion, depending on the project we’ll work for.