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What are The Etsy Photo Requirements

Etsy Photo Requirements

What are the Etsy photo requirements? This question can be raised in the minds of every new Etsy seller. As a seller, you should fulfill all the requirements of Etsy photography. For example, in the case of image listing, the required size of an image should be 2000px, the resolution requirement is 72 PPI, and the image file size should be 1 MB because anything larger than that takes so long to upload.

Sellers can promote their brands on Etsy by following these precise rules and limitations on photo clicking and adding. Because it is essential to make a positive impression on shoppers to succeed on Etsy.

Etsy Photo Requirements: Basic Supremacy Rules

I bet the main motto of your Etsy business is to grab buyers and convince them to browse the product. But it is not something that will happen in a minute. It is a long-term process, and to do this thing perfectly, gaining accurate knowledge about the requirements of Etsy photos is important. So do some research before the image listing.

File Type Requirements

There are a bunch of image files that are available in the web browser. Such as APNG, AVIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, WEBP, BMP, ICO, TIFF, 

However, Etsy only supports three types of image files. And those are JPG, GIF, and PNG. Moreover, animated GIFs and transparent PNGs are also not supported by Etsy. If any seller uses animated GIF or transparent PNG, then that part of the image will come up with a black shade. 

Image Type Requirements

In the case of image requirements, Etsy is very accurate because Etsy’s photo dimensions differ from segment to segment. Without knowing the rules of image requirements, uploading low-quality, blurry pictures will not help a seller earn money on Etsy. 

Listing Image Guidelines 

Listing on Etsy means adding a product photo to the list for sale. And those listed products have a deadline, which is four months. A seller should renew the picture after selling a product, and they need to upload a new picture of the product. A seller can add 10 listing images to their Etsy frame. 

The Etsy listing photo size should be 2000px. The resolution recommendation is 72 PPI, and the image file size should be 1 MB because a file that is larger than 1 MB takes too much time to load. In this sense, if in any case, the photo is just loading for a long time, then the image size should be compressed before uploading. 

Ratio Requirements 

When a seller wants to add photographs to the gallery, the aspect ratio of the gallery picture should be taken into consideration. The best ratio for grabbing shoppers’ attention is 4:3. The specialty of the 4:3 ratio is that the image will be wider than its length. 

The necessity of using the 4:3 ratio is that if a seller doesn’t use the proper ratio, maybe the image of his product will not be shown fully in the gallery, which means a few of the photos will give a cut-off vibe. And after seeing a cut-off photo, who wants to buy your product?

On the other hand, if any seller uploads photos in various ratios, then a few photos will contain space on the top, on the bottom, or on the side, and this will not create a balance with the largest-sized photo. 

Resolution Requirements 

The resolution of an image is also an important factor for a seller on Etsy to develop a business. When a buyer uses Zoom to view a product, the picture should be perfect in resolution. The perfect resolution for Etsy is 2700px wide by 2025px high.

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Subsidiary Image Requirement For Etsy

Including the supremacy requirements of Etsy photography, there are a few more secondary image requirements in the case of pushing the business on Etsy. 

Shop Icon

A shop icon is something that contains the identity of a seller’s shop. On the other hand, the icon of any shop will appear whenever the shop is shown on the homepage of any shopper. Moreover, the icon of any shop will also be added to the receipts. Adding a shop icon is a seller’s strength because it will help a buyer see the difference between his product and his profile picture. 

The best size for a shop icon is 500 x 500px.

Profile Photo

The profile picture on Etsy must meet a few specifications, including a size of 500 x 500 px and a file format of jpg, png, or gif. The file size should be lower than 10 MB, and the original photo should be square and distorted.

As a seller, no one can remove the profile picture; they can just change it or renew it. 

Cover Photo

To push a brand on Etsy, a cover photo works as an asset. The minimal resolution requirement for an Etsy cover photo is 1200 x 300 pixels, and the perfect size is 3360 x 840 pixels. But one thing is important for the cover photo, and that is that the resolution of the cover photo should be clear so that buyers can easily see the product. For this, maintaining a cover image in the 4:1 ratio aspect is important. 

Etsy Teams mainly refer to a group of sellers who are used to helping other sellers who are doing business on Etsy with similar products, such as photography, woodworking, or marketing. The main motto of these groups is to provide support and motivate other sellers.

This collaborative group mainly launches logos to create a big community on Etsy. The required size for Etsy’s cover is 170 x 100 pixels.


Thumbnails mainly present a picture in a small size in front of the buyer. And the buyer can only see the full-resolution picture after clicking the thumbnail. Before adding the thumbnail, be sure that that thumbnail should come on a small scale that compels the customer’s attention. 

Order Receipt Banner

The order receipt banner is shown at the top of the order receipt only and does not show up on the shop front directly. The order receipt banner requirement is 760 x 100px.

Mini-Shop Banner

The mini-shop banner is appropriate for the mobile view. If any of the shoppers visit Etsy’s shop from a mobile device, then they can see the mini shop banner, but it depends on the choice of the seller. He can add a large banner if he wants. 

The Etsy mini banner size requirement must be at least 1200 x 160 pixels. Furthermore, 1600 x 213px is the recommended size.

Big Shop Banner

A big shop banner is a big version of a small shop banner. The only difference is the size, because, as already mentioned, the Etsy shop banner size is different, and these things are only decided by the shop owner. 

For large shop banners, a minimum size of 1200 x 300px is necessary. 1600 x 400 pixels is the optimal size.

A carousel banner on Etsy mainly offers a slideshow or a rotating banner of a particular product. Moreover, it allows a vendor to show up to five slides of his products’ pictures; each of them will be connected to a particular product, and every few seconds, the image will change. 

An Etsy Carousel banner should be 1200 x 300 pixels in size.

Collage Banner

In a collage banner, a seller can add two, three, or four different photos to display any particular product. The recommended Etsy banner dimensions for a collage banner are determined by the number of photos that a seller wants to add to his collage: The minimum picture size for two photographs is 600 x 300 pixels, for three photographs it is 400 300 pixels, and for four pictures it is required to be 300 x 300 pixels.

Image Resizing 

Image resizing is an important step for Etsy. There are a bunch of websites where anyone can easily resize their images. On the other hand, using software and Photoshop tools is also a good option. The main focus of photo resizing is to get the image to the desired size, but the lossy resolution is always forbidden in the case of resizing photos. 

Some pictures may come up with fewer pixels and less resolution, but make sure that product resolution is not blurry or low quality because it will impact the business growth on Etsy. So the product picture should be sharp in such a way that a buyer who is browsing from a mobile can also see a clear picture of the product. 

Chart of all Etsy photo requirements:

Name of the photos Photo requirements 
Mini shop banner  1200 x 160 pixels is the minimum size requirement
Big shop banner The minimum resolution is 1200 x 300 pixels, with a recommended resolution of 3360 x 840 pixels.
Profile photo500 x 500 px
Order receipt banner760 x 100 px
Carousel banner1200 x 300px (Etsy Plus only)
Collage BannerThe minimum size required for two photos is 600 x 300px, for three images it is 400 x 300px, and for four images it is 300 x 300px (Etsy Plus only)
Shop icon500 x 500px
Listing images2000px and  
Team logo170 x 100px
Thumbnail570 x 456 px and  ratio requirement 4:3

Color mode and profile

If any case image shows up in the wrong colors on Etsy, then only a photo editor can help. Convert the images into sRGB before uploading and verify that the colors match the original ones if not. Use a CMYK color profile for printing.

How to do the perfect image listing

In the segment of Etsy photo requirements, image listing is the most important part, including the size, file format, and ratio. A seller should consider a few things before creating the perfect listing. 

Image orientation

The first important thing about image listing is that the image must be landscape or square. The focal point of the 

The image should be central and the photo should be cropped in a thumbnail view. One more important thing about image segmentation is that all listing photos should be the same size because it will enhance the browning quality of the buyer. 

DPI and Its Importance

DPI means dots per inch. DPI does not affect digital images, and DPI does not reduce the resolution of the picture. Many people believe that 72 is the best DPI for an online image, but the truth is that DPI has no effect on an image’s listing on Etsy.

But still, if you have a doubt, choose 72 DPI for screen viewing and, to get good results, aim to use 1000 pixels. 

Image rotation

Usually, Etsy rotates photos automatically. So, before updating the branding image listing frame, rotate the product photo at a different angle and position so that when Etsy rotates the picture, the buyer can still see the product photo from a different angle. But one more important thing that should be considered in the case of image rotation is that the angle of the subject should be set in the same direction as the camera. 

Listing image thumbnail

Etsy listing photo thumbnails require borders so that after cropping, the product view should not be cut off. And there are a few requirements. For example,

  • Etsy’s cropping tools would be a good idea for cropping the image.
  • Take photos from a distance so that no necessary details are lost during cropping.
  • Horizontal and landscape are ideal for the thumbnail.
  • Try to avoid square crops.
  • Choose the 4:3 ratio.

Proper suggestions for image listing

First of all, a creative background should be chosen. Then, consider the bright lighting and dust-free environment and be concerned about using the props. Moreover, the angle, brightness, and composition of the image are also important. 

Take the horizontal picture to avoid unnecessary cropping. Use the placement tools to adjust the fine-tuning.

What are the basic requirements of Etsy photography? 

The File type requirements, Image size requirements, listing photo requirements, and cover photo requirements.

What is the aspect ratio for Etsy photos?

The aspect ratio for Etsy photos is 4:3

Why won’t Etsy accept my photos?

Etsy will not accept your photo because maybe your image is too small or too large. Moreover, a poor internet connection can be a reason too. find a solution here

What size should my photos be for Etsy?

2700 px along the long edge is the best size for Etsy

How many listing photos a seller can add on Etsy?

A seller can add 10 images to his list on Etsy. 

Final Verdict

Etsy photo requirements are not something difficult. Just focus on the image listing, the size, ratio, and file format of the photo, and then everything will be fine. Just do not upload the wrong picture on Etsy because it will affect the business.