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Flat Lay Photography Los Angeles [9 Best Studios!]

Flat Lay Photography Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, California, e-commerce companies are a great place to capture the target market. In a saturated place like it, a perfect eye-catching image of products like flat-lay has the real stand-out power to attract the attention of customers & to compete in e-commerce. 

Here comes the importance of photography studios to get the job done best. In that line, here we have gathered the best photography studios in Los Angeles that have stood the test of time to assist you. 

So, take a moment to browse today’s write-up to know the best of the flat-lay photography studios in Los Angeles to give your brand the unique feel that it deserves!

#1- The Living Colors Studio

Living Colors Studio

When the matter is about efficient e-commerce marketing, product retouching service is the most crucial point. 

In this way, Living Colors develops the things that matter to the consumers. It has more than ten years of experience with 170 skilled personnel. 

In flat lay photography, Living Colors assists you in getting an eye-catching product image that can stand out & speak for itself in the saturated e-commerce market. 

Moreover, Living Color offers features that make it unique & different from its competitors. 

#2- Apparel Photography Studio

Apparel Photography Studio

Lay flat photography of clothing is the perfect solution to showcase your products on your Amazon website or the e-commerce platform. 

Apparel Photography Studio commits you to getting an attractive flat-lay image that can easily attract the customers’ attention and enhance sales. 

The Apparel Photography Studio is an aesthetic clothing photography studio in Los Angeles. 

It specializes in Flat Lay Apparel Photography, & ghost mannequins for the apparel industry all over the country. 

They have more than 14 years of experience, & are assessed with the top equipment & guaranteed accurate shooting at every time. 

#3- Square Shot 

Square Shot

In Los Angeles, Square Shot is a fantastic photo studio where you do not need to wager with the budget to get flat-lay pictures. You can get the value of flat-lay photography art here at a predictable price without hidden fees.

Among the many challenges of getting the best flat lay photography, Square Shot provides you the easy solutions in the simplest possible way. 

It has a simple intake form, tracking of the status, and image approval within a single software. Moreover, the photography studio also offers you a membership opportunity. 

By being a member of Square Shot, you can come up with a 30% discount per image with no minimum order. So, what needs more to know why Square Shot for flat lay photos

#4- Space & Light

Space & Light

Space & Light is a design firm & photography studio with Advanced photography techniques. It has over 18 years of experience in photography for e-commerce fashion editorials & catalogs. 

Space & Light is the full-service solution for fashion brands that target to align the desired images with their commercial & sales expectations. 

Space & Light offers every possible need to meet the client’s requirements in flat-lay photography. 

As the flat lay is the go-to photography choice nowadays, the studio helps you to get the most versatile & innovative way of the flat lay image of your products that can take it to the next level. 

#5- Hyperblack Studios

Hyperblack Studios

Providing a phenomenal result, Hyperblack Studios is a customary studio in Los Angeles, California. It assists you in unifying the image of your brand & conveying the visual message powerfully on your online store. 

Hyperblack Studio specializes in flat-lay photography. With the help of their flay lay image expertise, you can make it easy for you to showcase your product through online stores efficiently. 

The full-service Hyperblack flat lay photography team has over four decades of experience. Moreover, the studio collaborates with several large names in retail & fashion. 

#6- Products Photography Studio

Products Photography Studio

In Los Angeles downtown, Products Photography Studio is there for you with a commitment to customer satisfaction by providing the best. By thinking out of the box, the Product Photography Studio aligns top-quality services with you. 

The studio assists you with your brand outlook, propels your business, and stands out in the competitive online store or platform. 

Products Photography Studio has a great team of experienced photographers & designers who can create compelling flat-lay images that captivate customers. 

Besides, they guarantee you color-accurate & efficient shooting. All high-quality images from the Products Photography Studio include the necessary editing & styling to remove all the unwanted things that appear in the picture.

#7- Damion Lloyd

Damion Lloyd

When you are in the exploration of fast, & gorgeous flat lay images for your brand, Damion Lloyd is there for you in Los Angeles to offer you the highest. It is a notable studio for its signature table flat styles. The work of Damion Lloyd is luxurious, bougie & timeless. 

In the e-commerce offering, flat lay photography displays your product in the most appealing & professional way. In this way, the studio tries to offer you the best of both worlds. 

That is why to light up your preference & for the perfect look of your clothing brand, you can take no time to book up with Damion Lloyd! 

#8- Clothing & Product Photography Studio 

Clothing & Product Photography Studio

Undoubtedly, the looks of the products count! No matter if it is for an online business platform or e-commerce. You know, many well-known clothing brands nowadays prefer flat-lay photography methods for their online store. 

According to the Clothing & Product Photography Studio, flat lay images are one of the best ways to online business as a human model cannot be destroyed. Thinking of it, it creates flawless imagery that is perfectly suited for any clothing industry. 

Whether it is for e-commerce fashion, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Brochures, Advertising, or anything else, Clothing & Product Photography Studios’ artistic talent transpires your product in the flat-lay photography method.

#9- [VSP] Studios


In today’s write-up, [VSP] Studios is the last but not the least one of the best studios in Los Angeles for the flat-lay photography you can count on!

[VSP] Studios brings over years of experience in flat lay photography to assist you in enhancing your online store. Here all the apparel items are steamed & they prepare the product for a high-quality image.

The studio takes exceptional care of the clarity, clearance & details of your clothing products. You can also get the image’s front, back & detailed views in the flat lay photography here.

Besides, the [VSP] Studios has an affordable price rate. It is about $35 per view. Moreover, if you place more orders, you can also get an attractive discount!