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How To Photograph Clothes On A Hanger

How To Photograph Clothes On A Hanger

Clothing photography is important if your e-commerce site is based on a clothing business. Nowadays, most customers focus on the demo pictures rather than the product description. As a result, to push your business, clicking high-quality pictures is the demand of the time.

To give an additional touch to your apparel commerce, focus on the hanger photography idea rather than just spreading out your clothes on the surface. By using a hanger on your photoshoot, you may grab your customer’s attention the most, because hanging clothes can be relatable to your customer’s mindset about how she or he will look after wearing the dress. 

For the betterment of your business and to gain some incredible knowledge, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about how to photograph clothes on a hanger. Just have a look. 

Photograph Clothes on a Hanger: The professional one 

In the sense of fashion photography, clothing photography is one of the most common genres. It is common, but that does not mean you will add garbage photography to your product. Low-end photography may take less time, but at the end of the day, it will hurt your business. 

Save your business and you’ll catch plenty of customers. Just shift your idea from casual photography to hanger photography. Hanger photography is considered to be a professional one because during photography you do not need to think about your product’s weight and the setup. After all, the hanger will shape your product and then you will follow some steps such as:

First priority 

To do a photoshoot of clothes with a hanger is not anything difficult. To get a flawless photo there are a few things that should be your first priority.

Preparing Your Clothes

clicking a photo might be a tiny step, but before clicking a photo, a few tasks should be done, such as your clothes should not be distorted by flows, strains, or wrinkles. The clothes should be glossy and plain. Otherwise, how can you beat your competitors?

Take A Photo With A Hanger

Use the hanger as your prompt for your photo. Make sure your picture hangs on it by hanging it on it. Make sure your hanger is not in an awkward position so that it affects your photographs.

Minimize The Shadow

Avoid making your photo too gloomy so that your hanger creates a shadow on your clothes. 

Erasing The Hanger

Without retouching, it is not possible to grab the attention of your customers. After you are done with your photoshoot, just do not forget to erase the hanger by using Photoshop. You will be amazed to know, we also provide a photo-erasing service and you can take advantage of this service. 

Crop your picture closely

If you think your photo is not close enough, just crop it closely so that it looks bigger and better.

Flat Lay

A flat lay is a common technique for photographing any product. This is the kind of photograph we usually see on Facebook or any other social media. This style is good for clicking clothes photography, but as we are searching for a way to click the idea of hanging clothes on a hanger, we better not try flat lay.

Second Priority 

The best hanger photography depends on different gadgets. Gadgets include cameras, setups, lighting, tripods, foam boards, backdrops, mannequins, or models.

Camera: The camera is the most important piece of equipment in your photography. There is a misconception about the camera that you need to purchase an expensive camera for your photography. But the real fact is that cost does not matter; it is your setup and skill that do. There will be thousands of examples where a mobile photographer can compete with a DSLR one. 

Lighting: To get decent hanger photography, choose a low-weighted handy camera with a fermented aperture and accurate limited white balance. Moreover, the position of the lighting is also on the list.

Tripod: A shaky camera could be a barrier to your photography. However, while doing hanger photography, your clothes can also be shaky. Similarly, a shakey camera will be a huge drawback, so use a tripod to eliminate the issue.

Setup: If you are a lover of vintage clickers for your clothes, I am sure you are very much aware of your lighting setup. Just don’t get confused about the concept that low lighting is not appropriate for photography. To click the retro or Huji cam shade hanger clothes photo, adjusting your light and adding a filter is the solution.

Foam board: Shooting in artificial light or close to a window, just use foam board.

Backdrop: It is not necessary that you always have to use a noisy background for your product photographs. Furthermore, making a classy background is sometimes costly. In this case, using a backdrop to give a white background can save you money and give your photographs a new vision.

Mannequin or model: Hanger photography for clothes using a mannequin is an alternative option, but if you have a large budget for your product photography, then you can use a mannequin or hire a model for sure. As a consequence, the reusing model shoots idea also can be a money-saving step for you.

Clamps or tape:  In the case of doing photography on a table use tape or clamps if needed. It will help you to keep your object stable on your table.

Why Hanger?

Planning to click a photo of your clothes on the hanger will be your best choice. The condition of your product also depends on the quality of your photographs. As a businessman, you do not need to make any kind of compromise in the case of photography.

Suppose you are doing photography of a wedding gown, just think about how beautiful it will look when you do an outdoor shoot with the hanging dress. Not only a wedding gown but there are also a few more ideas which you can apply.

  • To click on kid’s clothes photography
  • T-shirt photography also gives a good outcome.
  • Tops can be a good option.
  • Jeans in the hanger will be a charm.
  • The sweater snapping on a hanger will be the one.

Female Cloths Photography On A Hanger 

A large sector of hanger clothing photography has been covered by female clothes. In an online store, the percentage of female buyers is comparatively high, so to attract more customers, doing stylish hanger clothing photography can be beneficial for your e-commerce site. 

In this case, you can apply some techniques, such as: 

  • Keep your product’s texture bright.
  • Do not hang your clothes so high.
  • Do not use an inappropriate shaded hanger.
  • Hang your clothes in such a way that any female can understand the whole appearance of the following dress.

Male Clothes Photography On A Hanger 

Though the number of female customers is huge, you cannot underestimate the number of male customers on your site. A few things should be on your mind when doing male clothes photography in the hanger, such as:

  • Focus on both sides of the dresses.
  • The focus of photography styling isn’t just to put your clothes on the hanger, hang your clothes in a way that matches your customer’s eye level.
  • Don’t over-edit; instead, let your clothes hang naturally.

Potential Steps 

If you are the type of photographer who takes photographs only for business purposes, without any planning, then your business is not going to be ranked. To enhance your hanging cloth shoot with a hanger, you need to follow some steps. 

  • A distance of 50-60 inches from the floor should be countable to get a good picture.
  • Make your clothes up to date with the proper alignment of your photo. Make your all of your photos are on the same line,
  • Make your studio a photo-friendly place.
  • Set up your lighting
  • Choose an appropriate camera
  • Take the photo with tape if needed
  • Finalize the post while you upload your site
  • Make use of the fishing line

Forbidden Steps 

Only a hanger can save your photo. You just need to exert some effort on your work. Hanger is just a prompt. With the concern of hangers, do not just forget about the picture quality. Here are some steps that you should not follow while doing a photo shoot.

  • Do not ignore your picture. Alignment 
  • Do not crop too much.
  • Do not get messed up with the background too much.
  • Do not try flat lay if you are not a professional.
  • Do not forget to do color correction.
  • Do not skip the putting effect section.

Improvement Factor 

The option of improvement is always available in every sector. In the case of doing a shoot-in hanger, you may do better with improved practice. 

  • Learn how to do back-dropping.
  • Organize your clothes punctually.
  • Pull out the price tag before shooting.
  • Know the importance of using a lint roller, of course, you are going to use your clothes more than one time for a photoshoot. 
  • Take care of your ISO. make sure your ISO is not higher than 600-640 because a higher ISO provides higher noise. 
  • Do not underestimate the importance of post-processing.

To conclude, photographing clothes on a hanger is a unique idea to boost your e-commerce business. On the online platform, except for clicking high-quality photos, you cannot grab customers. Moreover, hanging clothing photography can be regarded as the best idea in photography too. So, Photograph Clothes On A Hanger is a good step to do great business on the online platform.

How Can I Take A Photograph Of Clothes On A Hanger?

Ans: To do photographs in the hanger, you need to focus on a few things, such as:
Set up
The condition of your product
The height of your hanger
The quality of your camera

Does The Camera Matter? In The Case Of Clothing Photography In The Hanger?

Ans: The setting of the camera and the alignment of the photo, of course, do matter. Moreover, if you don’t have a DSLR camera to shoot, then your smartphone also can be a good option to do clothing photography in the hangar.

Is The Backdrop Important For The Clothing Photography In The Hanger?

Ans: If you are doing gents’ clothing photography or your budget is too low to manage a fancy background, then you can use the backdrop.

How Do I Take Good Pictures Of Clothes On A Hanger With An iPhone?

Ans: To take a good picture of clothes on a hanger with an iPhone, the first thing you need to do is choose an iPhone 8 or higher, set a decent background, try different angles and after shooting, use a professional third-party editing application.