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Product Videos For Amazon [Everything That You Need To Know]

Product Videos For Amazon

Are you looking for the best way to enhance your Amazon product listing to stand out among the competitors? Look no further as the product videos have come with all solutions. Amazon sells almost 350 million products. And here the videos may be that holy grail to boost sales competing with every listing on the Amazon platform. 

When you add a product video to the Amazon listing, it not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures an increase in the conversion rate. But what is this product video or how is it overall beneficial in product selling? 

Let us get to know the answers to such queries in detail in today’s guide. Read on.

What Are Amazon Product Videos?

Amazon product videos are short videos (from 15 sec up to 3 min) that are created to bring products to life showing what is special about the product on the Amazon platform. 

The product videos are simply used to highlight the features of the product, demonstrate how to use it, brand info, customer feedback, and so on. 

In a word, it simply gives the audience an idea of the product before they buy it. Amazon product videos boost the conversion rates of the business as it displays the product with its whole features on full display. 

It is the easiest way to influence customers to purchase through a high-quality video.

Benefits of Using Product Videos for Amazon

Product videos are a great way to increase sales by providing a seamless experience. It can increase the conversion upwards from 50% to 80% very easily. However, let us see the benefits of the product videos at a glance. 

  • Videos provide customers with all the necessary information in the shortest possible time making it easy to make purchase decisions. A study reveals that product videos have an impact on the purchasing choices of 64% of customers.
  • Videos explain your products better from every angle and perspective. 
  • Videos offer damage control as through it, you can show the real-time usage of the product and highlight the customers’ concerns. Thus eliminating potential confusion. 
  • As the product videos eliminate all the potential concerns and confusion of the product, it can easily turn visitors into buyers.
  • Product videos can make your customers engage in your listing making a connection with the product. 85% of businesses say that customers are likely to visit a website that uses videos of their products. 
  • Most importantly, product videos can leg up your product competitors who do not have one in their Amazon listing. 

6 Types of Product Videos for Amazon That Boost Brand’s Value

You have the option to select from several types of product videos when creating content for your Amazon listing. Let us get to them in detail. 

#1- Product Highlights Video

Product highlights videos are also known as product showcase videos. As the name suggests, through this type of video, you can showcase the product’s features and benefits. It is generally used to promote products like appliances, jewelry, or furniture. 

#2- Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle video highlights the story of your product to your target audience. Through this type of video, you can easily leverage the emotion of your audience as they can feel they are likely using the product. 

#3- Unboxing or Explainer Video

Unboxing or Explainer Video

Explainer product video shows the unboxing of a product from start to end. Your audience can learn and see everything that comes in the brand’s package. 

#4- Comparison Video

Comparison Video

Here you compare your product with the competing product. Although it is a bold move, the video is effective, especially when your product fares better than the competition and can make the audience acknowledge it. 

#5- Customer Experience Video

Customer Experience Video

Through the type of product videos, your customers can experience the authenticity of your product as the video provides social proof of your brand or your product. 

#6- Brand Story Videos

Brand Story Videos

A brand story highlighting product videos is more popular now. It has the potential to incorporate elements such as brand introduction, mission, product details, target audience, founder information, and points of differentiation from other brands.

How to Optimize Product Videos For Your Amazon Listing For Amazon SEO?

Optimize Product Videos For Your Amazon Listing For Amazon SEO

You can optimize the Amazon product videos for Amazon listing in a few simple steps. Let us get to know the optimization ways to get a better idea. 

  • Step 1: Compose a comprehensive list of keywords as it is something people will look for when searching for a product online.
  • Step 2: Optimize the product title of the Amazon listing. It is the primary field to attract the attention of the customer in one second 
  • Step 3: Optimize the description of the product video. 
  • Step 4: Craft the key features of the products with improved readability. 
  • Step 5: Optimize the product images along with the product video. 
  • Step 6: Optimize the search terms to enhance the discoverability of products.
  • Step 7: Last but not least, optimize the price of the product for sales growth and conversion rates.

Best Practices for Creating Product Videos for Amazon  

To enhance the quality of your Amazon product videos, it’s crucial to include elements that might be lacking on your competitors’ sites. By adhering to best practices, you can establish a standard that ensures your videos stand out.

That is why, let us cover some Dos and Don’ts that can assist you in making the video exceptional. 

What To Do When Creating Product Videos for Amazon?

  • Try to keep the product video short and snappy. The ideal will be below 1 minute. 
  • Always serve your target audience. 
  • Have CTA or Call To Action 
  • Use high-quality footage and make the video in .mov or .mp4 video format.
  • File size under 5 GB will be ideal. 
  • Pick perfect audio and use animation 
  • More importantly, inject the personality of your brand 

What To Avoid When Creating Product Videos for Amazon?


  • Avoid acronyms and jargon 
  • Never include promotional information 
  • Avoid making defamatory statements 
  • Don’t add any information that violates Amazon’s terms and conditions.

What Is The Cost Of Amazon Product Videos? 

To be frank, how much the Amazon product videos will cost you can’t be estimated. This is because the price depends on the model’s availability, location, props, type of model needed, and so on. 

Generally, product videos are one minute long, and videos of this duration can cost about $1000 to $5000. 

A product video either for Amazon or any other platform, as a rule of thumb, budget, and requirements is what make it. You can count on your videos will cost about in this range unless 

  • You want videos for more than one minute.
  • Want to use special effects, graphics, or animation for the video or 
  • Required multiple shooting locations. 

Should You Hire A Production Company Or Create Product Videos Yourself?

When the matter comes to creating a product video for your Amazon listing, you have two options. Either you can make the video by yourself as a DIY approach or hire a company that specializes in making product videos

When you choose the professionals over the DIY approach, ultimately, you get professionalism, and creativity in time-saving offerings, although it can be costly. 

But if you do it yourself you can get it done in a cheaper term and will have the learning opportunity. But of course that may lack the professionalism and quality that can rank the Amazon listings. 

So, ultimately whether you should hire a professional agency for the production of videos or do it yourself, the decision is all about your budget, goals, and the quality level of the video. 

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